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A mong among mingers

Title: SaySomething
Authors: xabsterx and girl_fiend
Rating: 15
Part: Chapters 1-2
Warning: Naughty words, and a definite promise of sex later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for Abby, Jamie, Tash and Becky. I do not know Mcfly and this never happened! It’s fiction, people!
A/N: It's a joint fic and it's a 15 because there's swear words etc. It takes a while for the characters of Mcfly to actually enter, but they do, I promise.

‘Knock Down Ginger’

Abby P.O.V

“No. No! Please don’t make me do it! Purleeeeeease??” I whined, stretching the word out for as long as I could without taking another breath. It wasn’t working. My friends just stood there with apathetic expressions on their faces. There is no way in hell that I’m going to go through with this, no matter how much they persuade me, I’m not going to do it.

“You have to, Abby. You said last night that ‘whatever dare we came up with, you would do it’. Come on, you swore you would,” Tash whinges whilst quoting me with her fingers. It was a very good point actually.

“I know, but I was extremely pissed last night” I pause briefly, trying to back myself up. “Besides you know how much that lady scares me! I heard she was a witch… and besides, we don’t have enough time. Dougie is expecting me to meet up with him” I check my watch. Oh shit. “15 minutes ago!” This isn’t working, I can tell by Jamie’s expression.

“Dougie can wait” She says, “And that was only a story you and Dougie freaked yourselves out with when you were younger. You know it isn’t actually true!”

“It doesn't matter how off your head you were, a dare is a dare, whether or not given under the influence of alcohol.” Tash was unusually right, a dare is a dare, and I was never one to back out of a dare before … but all the same, I’ll insult her.

“Shut it, ginger”

“Hey, I resent that!” She’s laughing; however, she tries to sound hurt. “But you’re going to do it whether you like it or not.”

“Sorry. But no.” They still stare blankly at me. I’m going to have to beg again. “Please? It’s my birthday!”

“No…it was your birthday. Yesterday, if you remember.” Tash recalls.

“Which you probably won’t, given the amount of alcohol you consumed last night,” Jamie puts in.

This was true. My birthday was now officially over. Yesterday I finally turned 16! I’m youngest of my girl-mates, Jamie and Tash. They had been 16 for months now and so had all my other mates. Dougie for example is turning 17 in 4 months.

Anyway, last night had been really good, one of the best nights of my life. However, now I was going to suffer the consequences. Jamie and Tash were in the middle of trying to get me to complete a dare I had agreed to last night, under the influence of alcohol. To cut a long story short, I had to go play knock down ginger (you know that game where you knock on someone's door and then leg it before they answer) on this little old lady that lives on the corner of my road.

She lives in this little cottage with the most colourful garden you can imagine, covered in flowers and always looking at its best. I know what your all thinking, ‘sounds pretty’, but it's eerie! I wouldn’t be surprised at the number of awards for the ‘perfect garden’ she probably has hanging in her kitchen.

When we were younger, my mate Dougie, whom I’ve known since I was born, and I have always called it ‘The witches’ house’. I forgot how it all came about, childish really, but I can’t walk past that house now without quickening my pace just a little. A rule we made together: ‘Never ever go near that house’.

But a dare's a dare, as Tash said, and, as I’ve said before, I’m not one of those annoying people who bottle out of dares.

With one last attempt I try puppy-dog eyes, which are completely neglected by Jamie and Tash. Their faces remain unimpressed. I sigh. They’ve won. Again.

I shoot them a look, terrified to the bone, and start towards the house. Somehow I feel like I’m walking the green mile. Damn my movie obsession.

What’s the worst that could happen? I’ve just got to ring the bell; run, hide, and then it will all be over. Wont it?

I reach the well-trimmed hedge-archway, and walk quietly up to the porch. The house is covered with ivy, a classic horror movie-like cottage. I step up the 3 steps leading to the doorstep, and look for a bell. There isn’t one. Typical. I guess she’s still living in the 1950’s. I swear I can see something moving through the disturbed glass of the door. It must be a cat; all old ladies have cats, don’t they?

I take one last breath before I step up to the door. I clench my fist and I raise it, but just as its inches away from the door, it opens!

“ ... Ok, I’ll be back in 5 then ... oh, hi!” He startles the both of us, as he almost walks into me whilst closing the door behind him.

Oh shit. He's spotted me. Too late to leg it.

“Did you want to speak to someone?”

I’m speechless. I thought the old lady lived alone, not with one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen! I mean he is the perfect image of a surfer dude - Long blond hair with an interesting black streak in his fringe, blue eyes, designer Jake’s T, baggies and vans.

I knew I could never resist a guy who wears baggies and vans.

It has just dawned on me that I am staring with my mouth open. Abby, you stupid fish, say something!

“Hi, I’m James.” He says whilst reaching out a hand as if he wanted me to shake it. He wants to shake my hand. I must be daydreaming, unless I’m still slightly tipsy from last night, and that I’m actually staring lustfully at the old lady’s husband…

He’s introduced himself now, so it’s my turn. Just say your name, always a good place to start...what is it again? Take his outstretched hand, you fool!

“Wow” I say quickly without thinking, ignoring the hand, which he drops looking disappointed. “…I mean, err. You startled me. I’m sorry, got to go” With that, I turn and walk, no make that sprint out of the front garden, crushing her precious well-kept grass with my pink converse. My mates, round the corner, are ... how should I put it? Pissing themselves with laughter, quite literally.

‘Deep Thought’

Abby P.O.V

“Guys. GUYS!” I shout, starting to get incredibly annoyed now. I’ve just made an absolute fool out of myself to a complete fitty, and all my mates can do is laugh at me.

“Look, I have to go now, I’m late for Dougie. Oh yeah and I’ll see you in 3 days.”

“3 days. Sorry, what? Oh right, you’re off to chemistry camp tomorrow,” Tash half-recovers from her fit of giggles. She’s still shuddering slightly, trying to contain herself.

“Yes, and if either of you make one more joke about ‘this one time, at chemistry camp’ I will disown you. We are not characters from American Pie and I will certainly not be doing any dodgy things with a test tube!”

“A test tube? We’ve never mentioned that before.” Tash asks, putting on a face, which shows her in deep thought.

Last night they mentioned it - that I can remember if nothing else. Dougie’s face was a classic.

“Eugh…that’s gross Abby, you disgust me!” Oh good, Jamie has suddenly started paying attention to me. Amazing how she does that when I mention something remotely dirty.

“Whatever Jamie, I knew you were thinking it! Guys, I’d best be off. The Dougster will be waiting pour moi! What am I now…20…25 minutes late? Shit, I really have to go.”

“Dougie…” Jamie ponders, “What you going to do tonight with him I wonder? You being 16 now?”

“There’s only one thing you can do, if you get my drift!!” Tash contributes after exchanging knowing glances with Jamie.

I was blank for a moment. “That’s just wrong! This is Dougie and me we’re talking about. We’ve been friends for ages, nothing more.”

“Yeah, but you do like him though, right??”

Maybe. I’m not sure. I’ve never liked him as much as I had these past few months.

“No way! We’re mates, just mates! Look, I’ve got to go, but I’ll text or ring you tomorrow, ok?”

I didn’t like the way the conversation was going just then.

I look as if I’m about to go, slinging my bag over my shoulder, and tidying my hair. But then I remember what I have to ask Jamie.

“Oh, wait Jamie; you’re seeing Harry tonight aren’t you?”

Jamie is Harry’s girlfriend. He’s also The Dougster’s best guy mate and mine after Dougie. I’ve known him since I was young. I was also the one who introduced him to Jamie.

“Maybe, no plans as of yet, but if you see him tell him to call me”

“Will do!”


Two hugs and 2 kisses later from an over-affectionate Jamie, I was off down the road. Dougie only lived next door, convenient really. I break into a slight jog, as I realise I’m really late.

You know, now that I’m thinking about it, I like Dougie. More than a mate, no matter how many times I deny it to my friends. I never use to, but recently… Ow, I’ve just scraped my knuckle on a brick wall…

It doesn’t matter though; he’d never feel remotely the same way as I feel about him. There’s no way that I’m about to ruin our friendship just because I’ve got a little infatuation with him. I’ve had it before, and gotten over it. Easy. It’ll pass.
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