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A mong among mingers

chapters 3 & 4

Title: SaySomething
Authors: xabsterx and girl_fiend
Rating: 15
Part: Chapters 3 & 4
Warning: Naughty words, and a definite promise of sex later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for Abby, Jamie, Tash and Becky. I do not know Mcfly and this never happened! It’s fiction, people!
Dedi: Abbie, Alice and Katie O
A/N: It's a joint fic and it's a 15 because there's swear words etc.


Dougie P.O.V

Harry, my best mate, and I, are currently watching TV. We’ve just had a half-an-hour long fight over repeats of Eastenders and a Cricket match on TV, because the Sky digi-box is broken after Harry drunkenly sat on it. He only won because I let him; if we were still fighting he would have jumped on me by now, possibly smothering me with a pillow.

I swear if I hear Harry shout random stuff like, “Yes!!! Legend, total legend, Dougie-dude, I told you he’d do it!” …There he goes again. I hate cricket.

I‘m not really paying attention though, I have something else playing on my mind. She isn’t here now. I asked her to come ages ago. She’s never late.

“She’s late, why is she late? She’s never usually late!”

“Now that’s a lie, this is Abby we’re talking about. She’s always late - YES!!! GO ON, GO ON, AAAAND CATCH IT YOU STUPID PILLOK! Eugh…” Harry doesn’t remove his eyes from the TV.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right” ‘Wise Master Judd’ is always right.

“You know I am. She’s been late for an hour once, if you remember. Besides it’s only been like 30 minutes, and-” He still keeps his eyes on the TV, only briefly moves them to stare at his watch.

“32” I cut him off.

“Jesus! Why are you so nervous?” Now he’s staring at me confused – furrowing his eyebrows, searching my eyes for an answer. It’s his famous look that we’re all afraid of. His team are loosing, that’s why.

“I’m not nervous!”

Liar, I feel sick. Not with worry, with anticipation.

“Dude, just admit you like her.”

I do.

“Like who?”

It’s obvious.


I laugh a little too fake for my own liking, “You can’t be serious?”

Harry just gives me one of those ‘you-know-I’m-right-just-admit-it-you -twat’ looks. He’s got a box of them hidden somewhere.

“I’ve never really thought about it before” Liar. “I mean, she’s my best friend, I’ve never thought about her like that”

“ … Until yesterday”

Yesterday? Yesterday!

“Yesterday? What do you mean?”

“At her party. Don’t worry, I think I was the only one who noticed, but you couldn’t take your eyes off her!”

“Was I really that bad?”

Am I really that legible? No. I was drunk.

“Yeah, but I don’t blame you, she did look amazing even when she was pissed, which isn’t a good look for her, but that may have been because I was also extremely drunk and horny, therefore I would have liked to have shagged anyone and anything that had legs… Jamie wasn’t there most of the time…so I had to settle for a table as far as I can remember.”

“Dude! Eww! Too much information. Which table? I’m never eating off it again!” I think a little, “She was still stunning throughout the night, even though she was drunk for the majority of it” I’m too quick to agree, “Did I just say that?”

“You did, and there’s your answer”

Oh thank you ‘Wise Master Judd’

“I…I like her. I mean, yeah, I like her, of course I do.”

“He finally admits it! Shocker, an absolute shocker!” His voice is dripping with sarcasm. “Now all you have to do is tell her – that’s the hardest part.”

“I can’t. We’re friends and I-”

“– Wouldn’t want to ruin it??”

I am legible.

“Exactly, wait, I’m confused.”

“It’s just so typical” with this Harry gets up and starts pacing the room.

Oh jolly good. Not another ‘Harry lecture’. He’s been doing this more recently, it seems as if he has to move to make people see him, or the fact that he’s been forcing his friends to call him ‘Wise Master Judd’, so he feels as if he has to live up to his name. Oh well, I might as well listen to this one, could come in handy, after all he’s been through more makeup’s, break-ups, and cheating than anyone could ever imagine. Oh damn, I’ve missed a line.

“Could you repeat that again?”

“I said, most best friends secretly love each other, but won’t tell each other how they feel because they both ‘think it will ruin their friendship’” Right, we’ve established that, do go on…“I’ve seen it a million times in films, but don’t worry - something will happen, probably including the best mates, i.e. Jamie and me. It would usually be you and Abby; you’re the two closest outta the lot of us, but something tells me that isn’t going to happen. But then it won’t be Jamie because she’s never mentioned Abby liking you, and you know what she’s like, she would have told me by now if Abby had mentioned she liked you –”

“- Which means she probably doesn’t” I cut him off. I don’t understand half of what he’s saying, but we all have to ‘respect’ our Wise Master Judd.

“You shouldn’t think like that, mate. Abby’s smart and she knows that Jamie’s a gossiper, so she probably won’t have told her or anyone how she feels - like you.” He stares at me, and I make a slow nod, urging him to continue his sketch.

“So back to my theory, one of Abby’s mates and I will somehow find out that you two have unsaid things between yourselves, and then we’ll make a plan which involves a dramatic scene involving words of undying love, and you’ll live happily ever after! It’s so cliché, but so true!”

I’m just going to pretend I know what the fuck he’s on about!!

“How do you know all this?”

“Because I am…?”


“Wise Master Judd”

“Good boy.”

“So are you done?”

“Yes.” he plonks himself back down on the sofa.

“I think that’s one of the most…”

I’m cut short as the doorbell rings

“- Shit that’s her, what to I do Harry?”

“Act normal dude!! She doesn’t know we’ve had this little chat does she?”

‘Little chat’ my arse.


“So be the ‘normal Dougie’, the one she’s known for 16 years!!”

“Normal Dougie? Yeah, I can do that…”

I can. It’s easy.

God I feel sick.

I get up to answer the door.

‘Everlasting Hug’

Abby P.O.V

I get to the door and as I’m about to ring the bell I get a glimpse of Harry in the sitting room.

I must remember to get him to call Jamie.

Who is he talking to? I look closer and see Dougie’s sitting on the sofa, confusion and utter bewilderment is written all over his face.

He’s so cute when he looks like that.

What am I saying? My thoughts are cut short, however, when I see that Harry’s pacing! He must be giving another famous ‘Harry lecture’ as we all call them. They’re hilarious! But they do make a lot of sense; he always seems to speak the truth. It’s just so hard keeping a straight face when you’re listening to him. It’s like he’s on a stage.

Wise master Judd.

I see that Harry’s spent, and has sat himself back down. He must be finished. Perfect time to ring the bell, I think.


I shiver, why am I shivering? I’m not cold, which means I must be nervous.

I can’t be nervous. I’m not. It’s only Dougie.

The door opens. It’s Him. I stare at the floor, before lifting my eyes to meet his. There’s something shining in them. He’s chewing the inside of his lip thoughtfully. A small smile spreads across his face, beckoning mine to follow.

He steps back a few steps, letting me into the doorway. I distinctively reach up and hug him, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I put my hands on the back of his neck, playing with the short hair there. He wraps his arms around me, one around my waist, and another across my shoulders. I make us rock slightly, side-to-side, making myself, and probably him feel more relaxed. I feel his long fringe tickle the back of my neck, as he moves and chaste kisses the back of my neck.

I wasn’t expecting that.

Thanks, Dougie! That certainly doesn’t help the shivers travelling down my spine.

This hug is different compared to the usual. We seem more…connected, and it’s prolonged. I don’t want to pull away. I soon close my eyes, feeling a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Dougie P.O.V

She leans forward and hugs me, and I close my eyes. It’s not one of our normal, quick hugs. I feel her trembling, and I stable her as she rocks us gently. We hug all the time, but this hug is different – it has emotion, feeling.

She seems a little tense and edgy. I take this chance to relax her, and lean forward, my chin on her shoulder, and kiss the side of her neck affectionately.

I haven’t gone too far, have I?

She smells so good, different, not like other average girls. Why haven’t I noticed that before? Her hair is soft as it brushes against my cheek.

She’s still trembling, so I shut the door, using my leg. It’s not that cold outside is it? I rub her back gently, still revelling in this close contact between us.

This is not the time to feel a reaction to this contact go past my stomach.

Abby P.O.V

He rubs my back tenderly, after shutting the door with his foot. Why isn’t he stopping, and pushing me away? The prolonging feeling is good, but I’m starting to get confused. He makes me feel safer in his arms than anywhere else.

He smells like lynx voodoo…mixed with ginger, almost intoxicating.

Dougie P.O.V

I don’t want this to stop. We haven’t been this close since our mums’ persuaded us to hug after we’d had a break up a day after her 6th birthday. She’d cried after I kicked her for teasing me, and she didn’t let go for what seemed like ages. That was 10 years ago exactly.

How long has this hug been going on for?

“Alison …” I gently murmur into her neck, “Are you okay?” It seems she generally wants to stay like this also, but this is really creating a funny feeling in places that I’d rather not think about.

Luckily I hear Harry gently clear his throat, it sounds like he’s been there for a long time.

“I’m fine.” She pulls away slightly, and I kiss her temple as she does this. She looks more beautiful than she did last night when she was dancing. A blush appears on her cheeks, and her lips are bright red after being outside. “Harry, Hi, I didn’t see you there!”

Harry P.O.V

I’m standing in the doorway to the living room. I felt curious when I didn’t hear the door shut instantaneously. They’re so sweet together, and I don’t want to stop them, believe me, but if I don’t do anything I could be stuck here all night - them blocking the doorway could become a problem.

God I’m sounding more girlie everyday…

I clear my throat very quietly, not wanting them to be come startled too much.

“I’m fine,” she whispers into Dougie’s shoulder. “Harry, Hi, I didn’t see you there.” She sounds genuinely surprised and she comes towards me, after Dougie sneakily kisses her temple, and gives me a brief hug. She looks so adorable when she’s blushing.

I’m currently receiving knowing evils from Dougie, and I smile cheekily back, behind her shoulder, rubbing her back slowly up and down, loving the fact that I’m annoying him immensely by hugging his ‘crush’ so closely.

“I see that you’re in the hugging mood today then?” I ask as she gently pulls away, smiling brightly.

“Well I’m leaving you for a few days aren’t I? That’s what I came for – to say goodbye. I’ve got to go without hugs for 3 days; I thought I’d get it out of my system”

She looks at me, and I can tell straight away that she’s not telling the whole truth.

Dougie has disappointment written all over his face. He’s still beside the door, giving me lesser evils as he was before, but still looking pissed off with me.

She’s paying attention to me, and not him. It’s too bad that they’re not looking at each other right now; otherwise they would know that they both had feelings for each other.

Comparing the two hugs: there is no way on earth that their hug was just out of friendship. This is probably a good thing, as now I know Abby likes Dougie back, and that my theory is coming to practice.

It seems as if I’m living up to my name now. Wise Master Judd. Maybe I should change the name on the address to my house? Wise Master Judd, Holly Oak House, Forrest Drive…It sounds good doesn’t it?

“So where you been then, Abby, with Jamie?”

“Yep, after last night we needed to go for a walk to clear our heads of the gallons of spirits clouding them, and then we remembered that I promised to do a dare. And yes I completed it, that’s why I was late. Oh; she wants you to call her. Now.”

“I’ll go do that then.”

“Good Boy, but I’ve only just got here, and you’re leaving me already?”

Ahh, yes. She doesn’t want to be alone with Dougie. My plan is unfolding.

“Sorry Abs, but when Jamie wants attention-”

“- She must get it?” Dougie has come alive again. This time his expressions he’s busy flinging over to me are of gratefulness, but the nerves are still there.

“Yes, oh and I might pop onto the train station tomorrow to see you off. What time are you leaving?” I turn to Abby, throwing Dougie a small nod of acceptance.

“My train leaves at 9, so bout 8.40?”

“Ok, I’ll see you then.” I kiss her cheek and hug her again, but only quickly. “Dude?” I turn to The Dougster, “Remember band practice tomorrow! If you forget like last time, I, Danny and Tom will personally castrate you, and I get to choose the knife. Oh and Tom’s bringing a mate, the one who helps him with the songs?”

“Oh, yeah, ok then. I’ll see you later.” I turn towards the door, and Dougie shuts it after me.

Abby P.O.V

I almost forgot he was in a band; all I remember is that he plays bass pretty well. Dougie with an axe just makes him even more attractive!

Oh God, I’m delirious.

In this band there is Dougie, Harry, Tom (whom I’ve only met a couple times – he’s a ‘good mate’ to Tash though) and Danny, who I’ve never actually met, but heard down the phone. I can’t help but imitate his accent. It’s so catchy!

“Dougeh?” He turns to face me, and nods as he shuts the front door.

Oops, I used Danny’s accent…


“Why do you still call me Alison? I’ve told you a million times I want you to call me Abby!”

It’s an ongoing joke between Doug and me. All my mates call me Abby – I prefer it to Alison, which is an absolutely stupid name if you ask me. I really don’t know what my parents were on when they called me that.

Dougie only usually calls me that when he’s serious…

“Oh sorry, I’m just used to it. I’ve called you it all my life. It just stuck…!” I shoot him an angry look, “I’m trying!”

I smile sweetly, and he smiles knowingly back. “Dougieee…” I sigh, whinging his name. I don’t know what it is; I just feel frustrated at something, as if the secret I’m keeping to myself wants to be let out, and I’m struggling to keep it in. “I have a headache…”

“Come here.”

He pulls me in for another hug – something I, myself, have been dying to do again ever since Harry oh-so-deliberately broke us up from last time.

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